• Amazon Pay

    Amazon Pay enables you to offer your customers a seamless, fast, convenient and secure purchasing experience; so you can help lift basket conversion, acquire new... more

    EE, PE 4.7.x/5.0.x-6.3.x Free
  • EE, PE 4.10.x/5.3.x-6.2.x from 49,00€ plus VAT
  • CE 4.10.x-6.2.x from 49,00€ plus VAT
  • PE 6.0.x-6.1.x from 900,00€ plus VAT
  • PE 4.10.x-6.1.x from 625,00€ plus VAT
  • CE 4.0.x-4.10.x Free
  • PE 6.0.x-6.1.x from 125,00€ plus VAT
  • Amazon Modul

    order import, inventory adjustment, price change

    PE 4.7.x-4.9.x from 899,00€ plus VAT
  • Amazon Order Import Lite Version

    Import your Amazon orders into OXID eShop for order processing

    CE 4.9.x from 195,00€ plus VAT
  • Article-Countdown

    Do not sell your items until a certain time. Perfect for marketing purposes or items that are not already in stock.

    CE 6.0.x-6.1.x from 79,00€ plus VAT
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