• Address:
  • cateno GmbH & Co. KG
  • Bahnhofstr. 14
  • 64658 Fürth im Odenwald
  • Phone: +49-6253-2398-0
  • Fax: +49-6253-2398-23
  • www.cateno.de

Contact person:
  • Herr Markus Meißner
  • m (dot) meissner (at) cateno (dot) de

cateno GmbH & Co. KG

Your expert for all-in-one e-commerce solutions

For almost 16 years, cateno provides online retailers with innovative software solutions. The all-in-one e-commerce solution helps online-retailers to automatize their business procedures: from backend processes, as the master data management, via ordering procedures and warehouse logistics to shipment and customer support. The software connects your ERP-system with your OXID shop, as well as with all kind of online marketplaces, your distribution system and your stock management.

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