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  • Active since: 2022-06-23
  • Available for: EE, PE
  • Compatibility: 6.2.x - 6.4.x
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DOIT Workflow Professional

Automate store optimizations with custom DOIT modules. The DOIT Workflow module allows you to create any optimization process and execute it in a controlled manner.

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The DOIT (Workflow) module is the central module that controls the execution of optimization tasks in the OXID store. For the module, task lists (tasks) can be defined with the help of YAML configuration files. Each of these tasks can contain any number of sub-tasks (steps) that are processed one after the other. For each step at least 1 function is called (partly automatically or predefined). Each step can consist of many identical function calls. E.g. execute one task for all articles, categories, attributes, customers etc..

Very complex tasks (workflows) can be defined for different tasks which are processed one after the other. Individual optimization steps can be activated or deactivated. You can also access functions of arbitrary classes.

The DOIT module is available in a Light and Professional version. The Light version is required for the execution of DOIT modules. The Professional version allows you to develop your own DOIT modules and is very powerful.

More information about the module can be found at WebTools.de

You can find the detailed developer documentation at support.webtools.de


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