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  • Category: E-Mail
  • Active since: 2013-05-13
  • Vendor: KRYD GmbH
  • Available for: CE
  • Compatibility: 4.7.x - 5.1.x
  • Certified extension
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KRYD Lifecycle-Marketing

Certified extension

KRYD analyzes the behavior of your customers. If a defined event occurs (i.e. an order cancellation), KRYD immediately creates a custom-made e-mail campaign for each customer and sends it automatically- this rapidly increases your sales.


KRYD is integrated into your shop within minutes, either via PlugIn or our API. Afterwards, KRYD runs automatically, based on rules that you can very easily adjust within the KRYD WebApp.

KRYD analyzes the behavior of your shop's visitors and customers. Based on defined events (i.e. order cancellation, long absence), KRYD immediately creates custom-made e-mail campaigns for each customer and sends it automatically.

KRYD reaches out to the customer at the right time with the right offer. KRYD accomplish sales increases with lower costs compared to new customer acquisitions. Studies prove that with only a 5% investment, you accomplish 25% to 125% sales increases.

In order to use KRYD you have to register at kryd.com - there is a free plan without time limit. 

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Tags: retention, order cancellation, newsletter, lifecycle, email marketing, conversion, campaign, behavioral


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