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myWorld.com module by Code.Commerce

Get started with the Oxid plugin on myWorld.com


myWorld.com – Shop local. Get global.

myWorld.com - the European online marketplace offers you the opportunity to sell your products easily online within more than 5000 product categories and to expand your business in many European countries. You will benefit from a vast reach with over 15 million customers, knowledge of the local consumer and their local language, local customer service and marketing, and respect for local legal requirements.


Oxid Plugin now available!

A simple and automated connection to online marketplaces is indispensable for many merchants who pursue a successful multi-channel strategy. To make selling on myWorld.com even easier, myWorld.com now provides all Oxid merchants a free plugin to sell their products fully automatically.


One plugin - many benefits

  • Fully automated product and order updates

  • Order processing directly in the Oxid System

  • myWorld.com plugin available for free

  • Expansion into many European markets

  • No risk - myWorld.com seller account can be terminated monthly

  • Fair & transparent fee model

  • Inclusive Cashback and Shopping Points for your customers


How it works

  1. To connect to myWorld.com with your Oxid Shop, register first as a merchant on the myWorld.com Seller Platform.

Register now

  1. Download the Oxid plugin for free

  2. Install the plugins and start setting up the seller account.

  3. Sell your products successfully on myWorld.com.


You can find our installation instructions in the attachments.

No EULA uploaded, general EULA terms according to OXID eXchange terms and conditions apply.

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