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Web Security - wao.io

wao.io adds security to your running business. Implement web application security measures at the push of a button. Protect your website and your users from a wide range of attacks like clickjacking, cross-site-scripting or SQL injection.


wao.io is a cloud service that integrates like a content delivery network (CDN).

Without code changing or additional plugins, wao.io optimizes your website content fully automatically and sustainably.

wao.io works with OXID CE, EE, PE


Still not Using HTTPS?

wao.io will automatically add HTTPS to your website. Secure your users and show instantly that you can be trusted.

Web Application Firewall

Protect your application from a wide range of attacks with enabling an extra web application firewall.

Directives for Modern Browsers

Add another layer of security and mitigate attacks and security vulnerabilities from your user's browsers.

Detailed information on our website.

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