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Protected Shops CE

The Protected Shops GmbH offers the service of a questionnaire-based and individual creation of legal documents to online shops. These documents include terms and conditions, disclaimer, privacy Policy and possibly other legal documents.


Automatically protected against legal proceedings with Protected Shops

Protected Shops offers an online service for creation of legal texts like terms and conditions, imprint, privacy policy and many more. Automatic update is included when new laws or court decisions become effective.

Individual legal texts through questionnaires creation

The survey considers the characteristics of the different countries, payment procedures, logistic providers, tracking solutions, social networks and can easily generate the legal texts for nearly every individual business model legally correct.  

Automatic update when new laws or court decisions become effective

The maintenance happens independently from the online traders. The module synchronizes the legal texts regularly with the servers of Protected Shops and cares for the actuality of the legal texts. The trader can decide which documents he wants to use and the frequency of the updating can be determined by the customer himself.The update is necessary when new laws or court decisions become effective, so that the online shop is always up to date. At that point, online traders are protected against legal proceedings.

Responsibility for legal texts

Protected Shops is responsible for all their generated legal texts. At that point, online traders are protected against legal proceedings and their costs.

The module is permanently available and up to date for following legal texts:

·         terms and conditions

·         cancellation policy

·         privacy policy

·         imprint

·         payment and delivery terms

·         battery directive

Legal texts are available for trading in following countries:

·         Germany

·         Austria

·         Switzerland

·         France 

·         UK

Help for installation/ configuration can be found here:


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