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Safe.Shop is the only trustmark and consumer review system that operates nationally as well as globally. We help you increase your online sales by providing a safer online shopping experience for our clients’ potential online customers.


An online store with a review system, Global Code of Conduct certification, Trust Score and Trust Badges in place will increase the level of confidence online visitors have in their shopping experience, and in turn will lead to increased conversion and order size.

Safe.Shop integrates the Consumer Review System with which you can easily collect consumers reviews that you can display on your online shop, all of which is integrated directly onto your website with no need to for the consumer to visit another website.

By showing the Safe.Shop Trustmark on your online shop, you are demonstrating to potential customers your reliability. If needed, we mediate with consumers in case of conflicts and provide you with the necessary (legal) support

How Safe.Shop works

1)       Set up the Safe.Shop Trustmark. Takes up to 5 minutes and can give you a sales boost of up to 20%.

2)       An order is received: A customer buys from your online store.

3)       Personal invites: You can use Safe.Shop to send review invitations using excel or just send the review invitation from your own email.

4)       Automated Invites: Safe.Shop can automatically send a review invitation to your customer a few days after the order has been placed.

5)       Customer reviews: Your customer can give your online shop a review directly via email, your own website or via Safe.Shop.

6)       Alerts: Can be set for when a new review is added or only in case of negative feedback.

7)       Manage your reviews: Learn from customer reviews using our dashboard as well as report misuse or request moderation when necessary.

8)       Turn negative reviews into positive ones: We withhold negative reviews for 14 days, offering you the opportunity to contact unhappy customers and turn negative feedback into positive ones.

Safe.Shop benefits

The Safe.Shop Trustmark offers online retailers three key benefits:

·        Increase sales with a higher conversion & order size by enhancing consumer trust.

·        Prevent costs with standard legal documents and lower risks with legal support.

·        Grow your business both locally & globally with a unique trustmark supporting 10+ different languages!

How do I setup Safe.Shop?5 Minutes

·        Install the Safe.Shop extension

·        Register with Safe.Shop to get your access key (for free, no credit card needed)

·        Add the Safe.Shop key to your installed app

·        Start collecting customer reviews immediately with Safe.Shop Invitations

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