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Load time optimization automated by wao.io

Speed is more important than ever. Your customers expect your web shop to load in less than 3 seconds. wao.io offers you a fully automated solution for accelerating your web shop.


wao.io is a cloud service that integrates like a content delivery network (CDN).

Without code changing or additional plugins, wao.io optimizes your website content fully automatically and sustainably.

wao.io works with OXID CE, EE, PE

Image Optimization

Reducing the size of your website's images will make a decisive contribution to a faster loading page. wao.io includes a high-class image optimization engine.

Lazy Loading

Lazy loading is the speed solution for image-heavy websites. By loading images only when they are visible to the user, lazy loading will create a significantly faster first view experience.

HTTP/2 Upgrade

Enabling wao.io means adopting HTTP/2 for your website. Follow the technology leaders and speed up your website today. Our automatic HTTPS upgrade will support your objective.

Smart Caching

wao.io's optimization methods will be complemented by a smart server-side infrastructure caching, ensuring lightning fast websites.

Detailed information on our website.

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