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netID Single Sign-on

With the netID Single Sign-On users can log in with their existing accounts at WEB.DE, GMX or 7Pass without further registration. More than 38 million users can already use netID without further registration that way


The netID Single Sign-on is a product of the European netID Foundation. The European netID Foundation was founded in March 2018 by Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland, ProSiebenSat.1 and United Internet. Its aim is to establish the netID Single Sign-On as a European alternative to US providers.

The netID SSO is based on OpenID Connect Protocol, therefore it is easy to implement and comparable to Facebook and Google login from a technical perspective. However, it is a European alternative and is designed, developed and operated with the EU GDPR in mind. Website operators that  integrate the netID SSO can request individual users data, which includes socio-demographic as well as address data. The process is fully transparent for users, data transfer only happens on explicit user approval. Users can see clearly which of their data will be transmitted to the respective website operator.

In addition, users also get a full overview of all websites/services with which they are using their netID account and the data shared with each of these services. They can at any point in time revoke any further data transfer to an individual website. By integrating the netID SSO, website operators can lower the hurdles of users to register and offer a European alternative to Facebook and Google

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