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caching module

After one year, the license (module price without installation) must be purchased again.

from 499,00€

Long loading times are a KO criterion for every online shop and are problematic in many terms - they often have a  negative effect on the turnover of a shop.

With our caching module you accelerate your shop to rocket speed.

All subpages of your online shop are stored in a cache and are called from there. This means that the various subpages do not have to be completely rebuilt each time.

In the module settings you can determine which pages should be cached and how long the retention period should be.Of course you can reset the cache at any time.

An overview of the functions of the Cache-Module:

Faster loading times directly after installation of the module.

Google PageSpeed optimization.

Cache is also active during a session.

Dynamic content can be reloaded via Ajax.

You can decide which areas of the shop should be cached.TTL adjustable.

The entire cache can be deleted in the admin area, or only from individual areas (detail pages, list view, start page).

Please note that you purchase the module with a license period of 1 year.

After one year, the module must be re-licensed. The costs then amount to another 499,- EUR (CE & PE) or 998,- EUR (EE).

No EULA uploaded, general EULA terms according to OXID eXchange terms and conditions apply.

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