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SIT-Powersearch | article, category, content

fault-tolerant search | proposal list during input | full text search | variant search | filter function | free testversion



  • New manual
  • Automatic suggestion list (quick search)
    • The module shows you the best results already directly when entering from the search term in a window.
  • Error-tolerant search function
    • Compensates for misspellings and typos in the search.  
  • Full text search
    • All database fields of the item and category and content tables can be searched.(e.g. variant selection fields, item attributes, categories, manufacturers, suppliers etc. )You can individually determine which search fields are used.
  • Automatic sorting by relevance
    • The best hits automatically appear at the top of the list.  You can determine yourself which fields are relevant for your articles. (e.g. first article title, then search terms, then article text etc.)
  • Fast
    • Thanks to AJAX technology and optimized search tables even with tens of thousands of articles still super fast.
  • Refine search result
    • Through the "search in search" and "search filters" a search result can be further refined.
  • Combinable with our module "SIT-Multifilter"
    • Combine Powersearch with our filter module SIT-Multifilter for a perfect user experience in your store search.


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