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Jankowfsky´s Filter4OXID is the perfect enhancement for your OXID eShop, it allows your customer to filter the results of a category by the given attributes

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Jankowfsky´s Filter4OXID allows your customer to filter the article list according to his needs.
Following parameters can be used for filtering:

  • - Attributes
  • - Manufactor
  • - Price
  • - Variant names

The new Filter4OXID Module includes some awesome new features:

  • - including Attributes of variants
  • - configurable SEO Urls
  • - multi and single select
  • - different kinds of select types
  • - color patches
  • - splitting of attribute values
  • - specific filters for each category
  • - price slider
  • - filter and attribute sorting
  • - save used filters in session
  • - inherit articles from sub category
  • - easy install, no template changes required, it uses OXID block logic

and more ...

Try it on our demoshop http://demoshop.jankowfsky.com/

Also available for OXID eShop Enterprise Edition, contact us

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