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feuerball3D 360° animations

With this modul you can easily implement the 360 degree animations of feuerball.design. The modul is especially for the feuerball 3D studio Software.


If you are owner of the feuerball3D Studio Software and you are no coder, you can download this modul.
The modul will make it very easy to implement the created 360 degree animation of the feuerball3D Software.
You have the option to put the animation as first or last picture to the article or you can add a new tab at the bottom of an article.
Then the animation will be displayed at the new tab called "3D ANIMATION" at the bottom tab bar.
To implement the animations, you only have to go to the article you would like to add a animation.
There will be displayed a new tab at the article tab bar, which is named "3D".
Firstly you can fill in the projectname of the created animation. Secondly you can choose, where you would like to have displayed the animation.
Its possible to add it at first or last place as article picture or into a seperate tab in the article tab bar.

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